Luba Bakičová

„yes-name“, 2018,
39 x 48 x 18 cm

„underway“, 2017,
15 x 55 x 18 cm

„ontheedge“, 2014,
16 x 25 x 29 cm



The Slovakian artist Luba Bakičová is one of the most outstanding graduates of Ilja Bílek’s Glass Studio at the Faculty of Art & Design of J.E. Purkynĕ University in the Czech Republic. The artist works with glass and refractory concrete. Her sculptures appear to be suspended in time, seemingly defying all physical laws. This is because her ingenious technology stops the melting process at exactly the right moment. Her objects called „Yes Name“ were conceived as an alternative to „No Name“; „Yes Name“ has a name, is open to interpretation, captures the energy of the process and testifies to the artist’s trust in the material and her work.

„Yes name“ is my attitude to glass. With every new glass object, my confidence in glass is gently strengthened.
My belief in knowledge of its characteristic, which I have gained up to now, ensures me that when I put glass in an incomplete open mould, at the very moment I can affect what would be later called a disaster. The moment of stopping is kept. Retrospectively, we can trace hints of whole storyline, mostly hidden in details.

The term „Yes name“ was created as a loose name opposing „No name“. There are different reasons why the works are called so. Here, I surrender the chance to use a verbal shortcut necessary for an accurate and easy identification of an object. „Yes name“ represents an open field for individual interpretation of everything one sees. At the moment when I assign an object a name, I will utterly restrict your personal attitude, being slowly formed by careful following your own shades of conceptions, ideas and experience.

„Yes name“ has a name. Yet a name different for each of you. It is an unpronounced word, to remain only energy. Just the very energy which, before originating everything, helps form ideas in shapes of matter and vice versa – the matter forms into ideas.

In the process of the flowing energy it is evident to direct it just to the place where it can crystallise.